A blog for Kpop scenarios as written by me, Admin Kat, and my friends, Admin Pancakes and Admin Hannah.

We write scenarios for the following groups:

1) Bigbang

2) Nu'est

3) B.A.P

4) SHINee

5) Super Junior

6) Block B


8) 2PM

9) B1A4


11) EXO-K

18) EXO-M

13) Epik High

14) Infinite

15) BTOB

16) Soul Connection

17) FT Island



20) LC9

21) VIXX

22) Boyfriend

23) Bangtan Boys (BTS)

24) CNBlue

25) F(x)

26) 2ne1

27) Secret

28) SNSD

29) Wonder Girls

Rules for Requesting:

1) We will be very picky with the requested smut. If it is not accepted, we will let you know.

2) Please state whether you want individual, group or OTP scenarios.

3) Scenarios requested by people signed into Tumblr will be finished before Anonymously requested scenarios. This ensures that the same person may not get three scenarios while others only get one, and so on.

4) We'll be picky with touchy subjects, so please message us first before requesting if you think that it may offend others.

Thank you for your understanding :)

K-Pop Scenarios Directory:

K-Pop Scenarios Directory


Admin Pancakes

Before we begin -  shameless self promotion;
Feel free to check out my Pancake Emporium of all things derpy.
(I would have called it my Pancake Parlour, but that’s been copyrighted. xD)

Le blog of a derp

Heya!~ Thanks for stalking my tab, pull up a chair, stay a while, and all of that obligatory welcoming jazz.
I’m Admin Pancakes, delicious name, I know.
And now, you’re hungry. Am I right?

Anyway, I’m Admin Pancakes. Nineteen. Australian. Hyperactive. Short.
That’s pretty much all you need to know about me, really, not that it’s all that beneficial to you in the first place.

I write; if you look to your left, I can do most scenarios in that list. yep, yep~^^
What can I write? Hmm…
I’m particularly good at fluff and angst. Not both together; one or the other.
My mind can’t differentiate, otherwise, so you’ll probably end up reading a piece of  angst/fluff slop.
True story.

Bias lists. I have a lot.
Ha, no, I lied. They mainly consist of Yongguk and Kris.
And that pretty much makes up my list.