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1) We will be very picky with the requested smut. If it is not accepted, we will let you know.

2) Please state whether you want individual, group or OTP scenarios.

3) Scenarios requested by people signed into Tumblr will be finished before Anonymously requested scenarios. This ensures that the same person may not get three scenarios while others only get one, and so on.

4) We'll be picky with touchy subjects, so please message us first before requesting if you think that it may offend others.

Thank you for your understanding :)

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Anonymous asked
Hi May I know who's on your display picture ? >< sorry to bother !

That’s no problem!
Bang Yongguk, pre debut I do believe. (:

Goodbye, Gaho [G-Dragon]

Yay for angst. Angst is good. I don’t know about the other admins, but for now, I’m still not taking requests. Have so much Uni work (and actual work) at the moment, as well as Baek in a Box and Monsters to update. But for now, here. Have a really short oneshot.

If you’ve read Halcyon and Ethereal over on AFF, you’d of guessed that I like writing angst. This is more life than angst, but sad(ish?) nonetheless.

-Admin Pancakes (I think that was my admin name? I don’t remember. OTL.)

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  • chanyeol/baekhyun
  • angst, pg

two strangers, two entirely separate lives. one shared dream. one chance at happiness. 

ohay, people are tumblr-ing about this. May as well reblog because, well… Why not? Huhuhu~ c;



say what you will about america, but at least 1 dollar can still get you a hell of a lot of mice

who said anything bad about america



say what you will about america, but at least 1 dollar can still get you a hell of a lot of mice

who said anything bad about america

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Clockwork Asphyxiation - Chen [00:00]

This has been posted on AFF for a while. Nonetheless, enjoy. -Admin Pancakes

Rated: M - Contains graphic scenes; death and violence.

Long, almost skeletal fingers curled themselves into a tight ball as the shrouded figure paced up and down; the warm crimson liquid smearing against cold palms. The smell of wet asphalt and blood reached the beings nostrils and a low growl echoed from within. Tugging the hood farther over its face, the figure’s lips curled upwards into a smirk revealing a set of stained, triangular teeth.

Quiet sobs and desperate pleas carried on the breeze floated down the empty street, the heavy rainfall smothered any other sound that traveled more than a dozen meters away. The shrouded figure turned in the direction of the voice, a cold laugh reaching the victims ears.

“No help will come,” it said in a voice that seemed so low, so very dangerous, yet so soft. “And I daresay you’ve not realised that already.”

“P-please,” the victim managed to choke between sobs; his vision was blurred from a mix of blood and rubble that stuck to his eyelids and face. “You’re the Timekeeper,” he added in a hoarse whisper. “You w-wont … I know nothing of value to you!”

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Halcyon [BaekYeol]

Pardon my absence. Here, have a BaekYeol fic.

Pardon the massively long post spamming up your dash.
I posted this whilst I was on my phone and it didn’t let me add in a read more divider thing.

<3 Admin Pancakes



Life is Delicate


A quiet sigh escaped Chanyeol’s parted lips as he stood, back against the smooth concrete wall of the train station. The platform was full of life, people hurrying about, briefcases in hands as they glance upwards at the clock displayed on the wall; and next to it, the estimated arrival of the train.

Furrowing his brows, Chanyeol’s lips twist into a frown and he shook his head; his thick mop of mahogany hair obscured his vision. Tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth, Chanyeol resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

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Anonymous asked
Im back for another one of your great scenarios. I am the anon that req P.O. I'd like another P.O you are his girlfriend but due to upcoming comeback he has been super busy & you havent seen each other in a few wks, finally you will be going to the showcase & get to spend the night with him. Write a scenario of that day going to the showcase & your romantic night together. Thanks!

Absolutely! We can definitely write this for you haha~

-Admin Kat